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You Don't Need To Be Perfect

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

Guess what beautiful? Everyone has something they hate about themselves. No one is perfect! I know, shocker right? #nooneisperfect #selfimprovement #confidentwomen

But it’s so true. Even those supermodels, those with all the money, and that family down the street that you think has it all together. Everyone has problems and things we hate about ourselves.

I was so insecure when I was younger and at times it will creep into my mind now. I was the tallest out of ALL of my friends for the longest time. Then to top it off, in 9th grade I started to get spider veins on my legs. I was so embarrassed by them. I was the only one with these and girls would say: "Ew! What is that on your legs?!" (with a young annoying teenagers voice). And then they would point them out. I wanted to crawl in a hole. I didn’t want anyone to see my legs or even look at them. And I couldn't hide my legs, because I was a cheerleader and dancer. 🤦🏼‍♀️ And let me tell you, with age spider veins do not get better. They still drive me crazy!!

During this time, I had teenage skin that was breaking out and shiny, plus my hair became curlier and harder to manage. What's a girl to do?

If only I could go back to that insecure girl and say: "You are OK! No one is perfect." Because truthfully we just need to learn to love our flaws or discover tricks to help the situation. Just like anything in life. Don't just sit there waiting for things to change for you, you have to be the change.

Eventually I learned how to deal with and accept my spider veins (I have had them removed by laser a few times but they come back!!) I learned what to use with my skin and how to take care of it. And, I made a profession out of managing and styling hair to help those in need like me. My goal was to have everyone in my chair LOVE their hair. Because hair is 90% of your selfie. LOL! But let's be real! Good hair makes you happy.

So I want to say this to you all:

Remember that you are OK.

Remember that you are ENOUGH.

For those moms that have had a baby or maybe a few babies and your body may have changed: You are not alone. Welcome to the tribe of the Awesome Moms Club!

(I may have just made that up but I think we should have a club.) Wear those spider veins, stretch marks, and cottage cheese dimples with pride. You have done a wonderful thing and you grew someone inside of you for 10 months. That's pretty incredible!!!

To those young girls that may have something that is different than your friends: We all have different things. Flaunt (and embrace) your differences and know you are not alone.

To those women trying each day to work, advance your careers, be a good friend, a supportive spouse/partner, along with taking time for some well-deserved self care, while trying to keep it all together (and not pull your hair out), take a breath, make a list, and know that you are just one person. You can't do it all, and be everything to everyone, all the time.

We all have amazing talents and are truly beautiful. You need to see yourself like someone else sees you. So if you still don't believe it, surround your self with amazing friends that will tell you. If you don't have that (find new friends) but also come here. I will be that support system to tell you, you are worth it and you are beautiful.

This is why I love the beauty industry. I never got into this field to be superficial. I wanted to help women feel confident and beautiful. Having your hair done and makeup on point just makes you feel better! It TOTALLY does!!! Don't you lie to me. You have a skip in your step and I love seeing that. Enjoy your time when getting yourself ready and highlighting your beauty. That’s what hair and makeup does. So get out there beautiful and don’t worry about your flaws; focus on accentuating YOUR strengths.

Please share with me in comments - has this post helped you overcome something you don't like? What you are you focusing on embracing about yourself that you don't love?

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