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My Maskcara Makeup Routine

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

Are you sick and tired of having a huge drawer full of makeup, but in those bulky palettes of makeup you only use two colors? I know that I was and I'm a makeup artist. Makeup takes up so much space and I wasn't using half of what I was hauling around. Am I right? #maskcarabeauty #maskcaramakeup #makeuproutine

Before and After

No matter how much or little makeup you wear, I think most women wear some makeup. So why not make it easier? This way it's not taking up so much space and you aren't having to replace these huge palettes of eye shadows when all you need is that ONE color that you love and wear consistently.

This was my life as a makeup artist. Hauling all these different brands and storing so many different kinds and spending SO MUCH MONEY!!!!

Then I found Maskcara Makeup. I had followed Cara (the founder of the makeup line) on YouTube and I knew she was a makeup artist herself and she knew what was missing in the industry. This makeup is a game changer for every woman! Being able to pick your highlight and contour colors, your blush and eye shadows, and have them all in the SAME compact. You can take them in and out so easily and replace just the ONE you need. Not all of them! This blew my mind and has made my makeup routine easier, less expensive, and more compact.

When I started using the makeup, I got more compliments than I ever had (mind you, I'm a makeup artist so I knew how to do my makeup before). This makeup has helped my skin and let it look so amazing and smooth. Something I have always struggled with (I've never had perfect skin). So when I started to get these compliments that my skin had never looked better, it was an added bonus!!

Watch to see how I use Maskcara Makeup

So what are you waiting for girl?!! Let's get you color matched so you can have the best skin and makeup ever!

Click here to summit a picture so I can help you find the perfect color match: Color Match Me

Do you LOVE makeup? Have you been looking for a way to make some extra income or even get a bigger discount? I'm looking for positive and HIGHLY AMBITIOUS women that want to learn how to build an amazing business from home. You would work one-on-one with me.

Click here to contact me for more info on : Maskcara Artist program Form

It's Maskcara's Birthday Thursday Jan 17!! If you sign up on this date you will receive the Artist Palette for FREE!! {$88 value}

Free Artist Palette

Here is everything I used in my video.

Click on each picture for a direct link.

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