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Are Those Your Real Lashes?

Does the idea of applying lashes scare or overwhelm you? Lashes are so fun that you shouldn't be scared. They are your best friend! #falselashes #howtoapplylashes #makeuptips #lashesbeforeandafter

Click here to watch the video tutorial

Things You Need:


My favorite go-to lashes for the price (and they are not too much for a girls' night out) are: Ardell Demi Whispies. #ardelllashes

What I used in my video (and I have to say I fell in love with them once I had them on) are Huda Beauty Lashes. These lashes are more expensive but you can use them over and over, plus they are more durable. These are great for big events. They do have a shorter version in this brand as well. #hudabeautylashes


My favorite is the Duo Adhesive. They have black, white, and clear. You can't really go wrong with any of them. It's nice because the glue is movable and when you take the strip off it doesn't pull your lashes off with it. This is very important! You can pick it up at Target or your local store I bet; I added the link to purchase through Amazon.


You can even use your old pair if you want. You just need to be able to get really close to the lash line. My hands/fingers are too big to get close enough to the lash line for proper application.

Step By Step Tips For Lash Application:

1) Measure the lashes to your eye.

2) Remove excess using scissors. (I usually take the inside corner off)

3) Bend lashes around so they are movable.

4) Apply a thin layer of glue.

5) Dry for a moment so the glue becomes tacky.

6) Put the tweezers in the center of the lash strip.

7) Apply to the center of the eye first.

8) Now push down on the outside corner.

9) Push down on the the inside corner.

10) Let lashes dry and repeat on the other side.

Now you are ready for you girls' night, date night, or whatever fun you have planned. Go be your beautiful self and enjoy!

Make sure you watch my video tutorial on how I applied these lashes.

If you tried these tips and they helped you, send me your feedback in comments!

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