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About Me:


Michelle was raised in Pleasant Grove, Utah. She is the youngest daughter of three girls. As a child, she was quiet but always on the move and loved to dance. Growing up dancing, Michelle found a love for performing. Being on the stage was everything to her. The lights, the music, and the creative energy that came with it made her happy. 

As a teenager, Michelle modeled for ZCMI, a local department store. She loved that experience and began modeling for magazines, runway shows, and she even danced in a Kurt Bestor concert. Michelle attended Dallas Roberts Hair Academy after high school where she found a new love and passion: helping others feel beautiful and looking great! She has done hair for 18 years and in that time, she has been an instructor at Dallas Roberts, a mentor to many other stylists, and owner of her own salon, Platinum Studio. Michelle has traveled for countless weddings and events, even doing hair for the 2015 Oscars, and has the best clientele a hairstylist could ever ask for. Throughout her career, she has learned from so many women; they have helped her in life as much as she has helped them. 

At a young age, Michelle married her high school sweetheart, Caleb Houghton. They have been married for nearly 17 years and have two amazing boys. For being such a girly girl, Michelle has found herself constantly surrounded by boys. Even the family dog, Tank, is a boy! Lots and lots of boys! But she wouldn't have it any other way. 

Today, Michelle resides in Salinas, California. Although it's not where she thought her family would have its roots, they took a chance, made a move, and it was this new experience that sparked an interest in getting out of her comfort zone.  Her greatest accomplishment is her family but she also still has a love for dancing, music, and creativity in all forms - from decorating (and then re-decorating) the house, styling hair, going out with friends, to traveling, and spending time with her husband. 

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